Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Public Decree: Judahsburg formerly Bir Tawil

By the Grace of God, I, Tommy Phillips IV, Now come forth, to accept and declare, my divine birthright as Lord and King of the territory, known in the World as Bir Tawil, lit. 'tall water well', the 2,060 km2 (795.4 sq mi) area of land that lay along the border between Egypt and Sudan, which is uninhabited and claimed by neither country, and by no other country, government, or private person in the World. By this Declaration, I seek recognition and solidarity, with all peaceful Nations, Governments, and Kingdoms. In the Name of Almighty God, as Bir Tawil is solely my property and dominion; I, by Sovereign Order, herefore claim Bir Tawil as mine and it shall now be addressed as the country and kingdom of Judahsburg. Coordinates: 21°52′9″N 33°44′52″E I, by Sovereign Order, shall now be addressed as, Serious Lord, of the Holy Temple and Kingdom of Judahsburg. God will bless Us. I pray that my reign will be a blessing to the World and that my children continue to reign as Companions with God, as I do this Day, November 18, 2020. We are here in the World with You, and on behalf of myself and the People of Judahsburg, We seek Your Friendship and Kindness, One to Another. I have seen, I have said; Serious Lord, of the Holy Temple and Kingdom of Judahsburg. November 18, 2020 Public Notice of Decree

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